I love Las Vegas.

What I love about it is that it's a place that's unabashedly for adults; there's no better way to escape The Powers That Be and all their rules For Your Own Good. Any place that lets you buy a single beer in a store and walk down the street enjoying it, is a place that trusts you to act as a responsible adult.  That may not always happen, but it's a nice feeling when there's not constantly someone looking over your shoulder to make sure you behave.

My wife and I have been fortunate enough to have visited Las Vegas eleven times since 2005.  That's less than some perhaps, but more than others.  We got engaged there, and a year later got married there.  So it's a pretty special place for us.

We are not gamblers.  I happen to love playing blackjack, but something about playing in Vegas intimidates me, when my prior experience has only been at a few church casino nights, and once on a local riverboat.  I also have a hangup where I don't yet feel wealthy enough to commit several hundred dollars to a blackjack session.  I hope that passes, because I really enjoy the game.

But anyway.  Knowing that we are not big gamblers, people frequently ask my wife and I, "So what do you do in Vegas then?"  Well, we drink some, eat some, have sex some, sleep some.  Not necessarily in that order and some things go hand in hand.

But mostly we walk around a lot.  It's a big place done on a grand scale, unlike anywhere else.  There's so much to see in Las Vegas, and it changes a bit every year; you'll never see it all in one visit.

We were thinking one year about how to incorporate my wife's exercise regimen into our visit, and that's how we ended up walking the entire length of the Strip.  From that, the idea of the Vegas Casino Walk was born. 

How quickly could someone on foot visit every casino on The Strip?  The answer might surprise you.  Or maybe not?

I thought maybe I was my own special kind of crazy.  Or were there others who would hear the call of the challenge?

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