Do I have to only walk or can I run?

I call it a Casino Walk mainly I guess because that's how I did it originally.  You are certainly free to run or jog for part or all of your Casino Walk if you choose.  Remember though that the total distance you will cover is over 8 miles.  I also don't think the various casino managements would be very pleased with someone running through their facilities.  In any case, with the amount of foot traffic on The Strip, opportunities to run are limited, in particular by the time of day.

What do you mean when you speak of "configurations"?

Casinos in Las Vegas open and close for various reasons on a fairly regular basis.  Properly completing a Casino Walk requires you to visit every currently operating casino.  In order to fairly compare Casino Walk times, it's only fair to note which casinos were actually open during the completion of a particular Casino Walk. 

Visiting 30 casinos should theoretically take less time than visiting 33.  The strategy of a Casino Walk that encompassed SLS would be completely different than one that did not, for example.  So as casinos open and close, we will be noting these various changes by updating the "current" configuration.

How do I submit my time for verification?

You can use the email address at Contact Us, or contact us through our Facebook page.  We will need to receive your photos as required by the Rules for verification of each of the required casino visits.  We will also need some sort of proof of at least your start and finish times, and preferably the rest of your casino visits as well.  Please also send a short note telling us a bit about your Walk, and any particular conditions that were present.

At this point we're still figuring out how a lot of this is going to work.  On my original Casino Walk I posted all of my selfie pictures of my various visits to my Facebook timeline.  However, I understand that a lot of people like to keep their Facebook pages private, so we wouldn't have access to a person's photos if they were posted that way. 

I'm thinking maybe a screenshot of the timeline so that we could verify the start and finish times?  You could also use a exercise tracking app such as Runkeeper or something similar, and send us a copy of that.

Are there going to be different categories of Casino Walk times?

I'm hoping so!  I imagine that the types of people who would engage a Casino Walk would also be the types of people with a fair amount of creativity!  So I'm sure there will be different kinds of Walks completed that I had not considered.  This is why we want to hear the story of your walk and the conditions present.

For example, we have recently instituted a Bet-In-Every-Casino category, which requires a cashout voucher from each casino.  We could also possibly create a separate category for Walks completed at nighttime, since the foot traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard is so much more difficult to negotiate then.  Or maybe someone would attempt a front-desk-selfie-pictures-only Casino Walk.  Use your imagination!  If you have a category you would like us to create, please Contact Us.

I will most likely not be creating separate men's and women's times however, since my wife in particular is in better shape than I am!  So show us what you've got, ladies.

I didn't beat the record time, should I just forget it?

No!  Everyone's achievement is equally important.  We want to see your times and your experience no matter where on the Times chart it falls.  That's the fun, and builds a database for others to challenge.

What if I want to challenge the time of a past Configuration?

In the past I didn't really have a problem with that; it was easy to do as long as one simply skipped the casinos that weren't open during the time of a given Configuration.  However, with the closing of Riviera in May 2015, it will be pretty much impossible to duplicate a stop into what would have been its casino.

For that reason, we will not be keeping separate charts for times on a given Configuration.  We will however note which Configuration was in place for each of the recorded times.  On the Casino List page you can look at the different Configurations that have existed since official Casino Walk time recording began.