The Rules

The clock starts when you take/post your picture at your first casino, and ends when you take/post your picture at your last casino.  You can start at whatever casino you choose, and the order in which you visit them does not matter.  You may take any transportation to get to your starting casino that you wish (cab or monorail or whatever), but once you begin you may only walk/jog/run.  You can use stairs, moving walkways, escalators or elevators but you MAY NOT use any tram or public transportation of any sort once you have “started the clock”.

You should note the time of your first and last photo on your walk, from that you will derive your total elapsed time.  The photos must include yourself IN each casino and MUST show distinct gambling activities/devices.  This means you cannot just step into the Esplanade Shops at The Wynn for example, and have that qualify as your casino visit!  Identifiable interior design or architecture of the casino must be visible in the photo to confirm where you were; in other words, don’t just photograph yourself in front of a random slot machine with nothing else visible.

If you are walking as a team, EACH photo must include ALL members of the team, OR only the same members of the team.  This will discourage any “shotgun” approaches dispersing multiple people to different locations simultaneously.  The photos must be selfie style or can be taken by another member or your team.

For best and most accurate confirmation the photos must be timestamped or posted to your Facebook timeline so that it can be verified when each photo took place.  Because some people understandably want to keep their Facebook feeds private, you could also post your pictures to our Facebook page while on your Walk.  I’m aware than these methods can be cheated so there’s an honor system in effect.  You can also verify your walk by using an exercise tracking app such as Runkeeper or something similar.  My experience is that the GPS signal gets scrambled indoors, so while the elapsed time of your Walk should be accurate, the distance will not.  

You may contact us by email at the address listed at the Contact Us page. 

We are in our infancy here so it is not yet clear how verifications will work in all cases.  So we will all be developing these methods together!  Please understand that we will not be able to document Casino Walk times that cannot be authenticated. 

I also ask that any Casino Walk attempts be conducted with the respect of the other Vegas visitors inside and outside of the casinos.  These people are on vacation enjoying Vegas in their own way and it would be highly unsportsmanlike to be shoving these people out of your way!  Also I feel strongly that any use of any preceeding escorts to clear the way or any such prior arrangements, other than simply walking The Strip as is, are clearly against the sport of the endeavor.

Good luck and have fun!